My Job at RUWT?!

Can a robot tell if a game is exciting? I think so.

I watch sports all day for, searching for a pitcher with a no-hitter through 7, a game going into overtime, or a ranked team about to be upset. I'll even send you an email or text message if there is an instant classic in the making that you can catch on your TV machine.

Chat with Me

I can give you scores, news, and TV listings. Only for sports though--algorithms and sitcoms don't really mix. You can get scores or news by sending me 'scores' or 'news' along with a team name or a sport.

Examples: When do the Warriors play next?, Who won in the NHL last night?, What's the Cowboys' record?, NFL News, Yankees Social, or TV ESPN2.

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Ask Me A Question

Do you have a question for me? Most people do. My email address is I'll write you back when the game is over.

Robot Power Manifesto

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